The purpose of the Roulette game

The player bets on the extraction of a certain number, determined by the choice of a ball, which tossed into the online Roulette, arbitrarily stops at one point.
There are several variants of roulette, but the most famous are the European one, or French, and the American one.

The main rules of online Roulette

The Roulette, consists of 37 numbers, ranging from number 1 to 36, to include also the 0, placed on a green box, distinct from all the others, which are black and red, alternating. The player, before the dealer throws the ball, will have to choose what type of bet to place. You can choose to bet on the extraction of a single number, a group of numbers, or, for example, the output of a certain color. However, there are several possible bets, which are then accepted from time to time, accepted or not by the different casinos.
It comes from itself, that the winnings are only realized if the event of the draw confirms the previous bet!

Can you play Roulette for free, in online casinos?

Of course I do! Many online casinos, in fact, offer the possibility to play for free, through the “for fun” mode, which allows the player to use virtual money, just for fun. And why not, playing for free, you can also train, for new challenges later, don’t you? Entering our section dedicated to free online casinos, you can still discover all the news and special promotions that await you!

The live version of roulette

Many online casinos, have introduced this version, very captivating and scenic. In fact, despite sitting comfortably on your couch, you can live, for real, the thrill of the real casino, watching the dealers do the honors!

Do you need to be registered to play Roulette online?

This is a speech that varies a lot, depending on the casino. In some, as we said before, you can play in the “for fun” mode, without even being recorded, just to have fun and try with your hand, the entertainment of that specific gaming room. In others, even for this mode you have to register. In any case, in order to play in “real money” mode, it is essential, in all casinos, to sign up and send a copy of the game contract!