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The Blackjack Surrender is a variant of the well-known card game that, along with poker, can be considered one of the most beloved table games among those that are present within traditional gaming rooms, but also with which users can play once they have registered in one of the many AAMS gambling platforms that operate essentially on the network. In order to know the most commonly used terms in the game, we believe it is important to create a Blackjack Surrender glossary that guides players. Of course the web is full of sites that propose the Blackjack Surrender glossary but the one proposed in this article is certainly one of the most complete and reliable.

General aspects of the game

The Blackjack Surrender differs from the traditional Blackjack in the fact that once the player has known his cards and seen the card discovered from the dealer, he can decide to surrender and abandon the game. It is, of course, a not a minor advantage for the player and that has made this variant very famous in the world. In this article, given the strong resemblance to traditional blackjack, we will take up all its terms to create a Blackjack Surrender glossary with all the most used words during the game.

The Blackjack Surrender glossary from the letter B to the D

Banker is the one who sits at the counter and distributes the cards to the players.
Bankroll is the sum that the player has earmarked for the game.
Basic Strategy – the basic tactics to be adopted so that the advantage of the player on the bench can grow.
Blackjack is when the player scores 21.
Bust is when the player “busts”, that is, he scores more than 21.
Card Counting – when the player memorizes the output cards to increase his advantage against the dealer.
Cut is when you split the deck of cards in half.
Deal – is about the distribution of cards during a game session.
Draw or Hit – when the player calls a new card.

The Blackjack Surrender glossary from letter E to I

Early Surrender is when the player surrenders before the dealer blackjacks.
Face Cards are the figures, with the Jack, the King and the Queen.
Face Up Game – when all the cards the player has in his hand are discovered.
Heads Up or Heads On when it comes to a player’s head-to-head challenge against the bench

The Blackjack Surrender glossary from the letter I to the P

Insurance is the insurance that the player can use in case there is a high probability on the part of the dealer of doing blackjack.
Late Surrender is the Return granted to the player only if the dealer has not blackjacked.
Natural is when the two-card player is 21.
Push Tie or Stand-off – when the player and the dealer scored the same score.

The Blackjack Surrender glossary from the letter R to the U

Running Count – when the cards are counted from the beginning.
Shoe is the wooden container that contains the playing cards.
Shuffle refers to the start of the game when the cards are shuffled.
Soft Hand is the hand in which the ace is worth one.
Split Hand is the hand in which the cards are split and played separately.
Stand or Stay is the hand in which the player is staying and not taking any other cards.
Surrender is when the player surrenders and leaves the game.
Upcard is the card that is discovered by the dealer and can be seen by all players.
This is the last part that makes up the Blackjack Surrender glossary, all you have to do is try your hand at this and many other casino games.