William Hill Casino The story of online blackjack starts from far away

The story of online blackjack obviously draws its origins from the live black jack game. The black-jack is a very old game that was born in France in the seventeenth century. Originally the game had another name, “Vingt-et-un”, which means twenty-one. The name of the game was eloquent about the purpose of the game: to get as close as possible to the figure of twenty-one by adding the cards you have available. According to the history of online blackjack, once landed in the United States, the game undergoes some changes and changes its name, precisely, to blackjack, the word by which in American identifies the kn hurt of spades.

The rapid spread of blackjack online, also thanks to cinema

The history of black-jack online changed in 2008. In fact, this year, online blackjack has undergone a big increase in popularity thanks to help from the world of cinema. In the film “21”, in fact, it tells the story of a group of guys who break through the casinos of America by applying the strategy of counting cards to the game and acting according to precise mathematical rules. Based on a true story, the film has given thousands of people hope that they can win regularly on the bench, which is obviously not as simple as it may appear, both in online and live blackjack.

Online blackjack quickly becomes one of the most played games

Over the last few years there has been an evolution in the history of online black-jack, especially in our country, where the game has spread a lot, also thanks to the legalization of online casinos in Italy, via AAMS. Then there are some factors in particular that drive so many people to prefer the online black jack to the live one. First of all, the convenience of being able to play from home at any time, the time you have to decide the best moves, the variability of the minimum and maximum bets, the numerous variants of blackjack present and the time to process any systems and strategies.

Online blackjack or live blackjack? The new generations prefer the PC

Why do new generations prefer online black jacks to live black jacks? In addition to the reasons mentioned above, there are others that we will now try to analyse. First of all, casinos in our country are few, while the online black-jack is just a click away. Younger players are definitely more familiar with the computer than with the gaming rooms, and that’s a fact. If we add the most time to place bets and the lack of the typical pressure given by the judgment of the other players at the table, here is explained the story of the great spread of blackjack online.

Bonuses and promotions, other added value of the online black jack

As with other games, playing black-jack online allows you to take advantage of free bonuses and certain promotions made available to players from casinos and online gaming rooms. This is a substantial difference from the live blackjack game, and it’s an undisputed plus. However, it is good to be careful of contractual conditions of individual promotions, as there are often certain constraints that limit the use of the same bonuses.